14 Technology Winners And Losers, Post COVID 19

"The coronavirus crisis has shaken up business as usual, with some IT strategies and tools rising to the occasion and others in line for a rethink or tough recovery post-pandemic."

Monday June 15

Of all 14 'Winners & Losers' it's no big secret which is our favorite:

Winner: Agile

"You may still need to build huge charts and aim for delivery dates for two or three years in the future, but you’ll need to think quickly and adjust in minutes. Elaborate models set in concrete won’t work these days."

One more that stuck out, but for much different reason than the author:

Winner: Collaboration software

Definitely no disagreement that 'Collaborative software' is a winner during and post-Covid-19. We've actually been big on it since 2012 when we first discovered the benefit's for large scale farming operations, which typically have numerous geographically located clusters with little communication between them. Lot's of repetition and wasted time.

However, something caught our attention in this 'winner':

"Zoho, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft and almost every other online collaboration tool supports a marketplace where third parties can offer extensions that add functionality to the platforms. "

Here is where we disagree - sure, having a 'marketplace' with 100,000+ 'extensions' sounds great but:

  1. it's a huge security risk - even if you trust the developer, each separate extension is another point of entry for hackers
  2. support can be questionable - how long will each extension be supported? particularly if it's developed by one person
  3. varying 'data management' policies - how close are they to yours?

Keep in mind, the main purpose of ANY app store (Apple, Google, MS, etc.) is Monetization Great for them, not so great for you.

We use a platform that has about 10 core Features (databases, file exchange, wiki, calendar, internal messaging, blogs, etc.) and just under 300 'internal' extension, which in reality, is more than enough to cover most business needs.

Original Article Information:
  Peter Wayner
  Tuesday June 9
  16 technology winners and losers, post-COVID | CIO