What We Do

We Build Consolidated Digital Platforms

for Data Driven Organizations

with 'No-Code/Low-Code'

What is 'No-Code/Low-Code'?


  • No-Code platforms use a visual interface instead of requiring coding.
    • this enables people without knowledge of coding languages to do web based projects that typically have been completed in the past with coding.
  • It's easy to learn with common 'point & click' options like:
    • buttons, sliders, drop down menus, drag & drop, shortcut keys, 'copy & paste', etc.
  • Target Users:
    • all team members - if you can use a smartphone, you can use 'No-Code'
  • Purpose:
    • database driven web applications
    • remote office for team collaboration
    • automation of low/med. complexity 'paper processes' (includes Excel)
Example No Code

Example Low Code

A 'half-step towards coding ('mini-language') -

  • very readable & fast learning curve
  • opens up significantly advanced configuration opportunities
  • creates a multi-tiered technical skill set outside of IT dept.
  • Target Users:
    • power-users, advanced spreadsheet users, tech savvy types, etc.
  • Purpose:
    • complex digitial initiatives
    • highly custom configuration requirements
    • unique integration requirements

What can you do with 'No-Code/Low-Code'?
• Web Development:

    • This entire website was created without using any coding languages!
      • ZERO html, css, javascript, etc.
      • but it's all there in the background!

• Remote Working & Collaboration:

    • No-Code web pages are the new 'documents' (e.g. 'Word')
    • No-Code slideshows on web pages are the new 'presentations'
    • No-Code databases are the new 'spreadsheets'
    • No-Code databases on web pages are 'web forms' and 'web reports'

• LOT'S more:

    • work on a website to get marketing messages out the door fast
    • work together on one document (which is really just a web page) at the same time!
    • spin up a new database table to get feedback and measure data
    • sign up users, make new groups, control permissions
    • add an API/WebService to pull in data from external platforms
✔ All of this, safely on one platform to eliminate 'Shadow IT

"IT systems deployed by departments other than the central IT department, to work around the shortcomings of the central information systems"
- Wikipedia


Our Solutions

all your data & digital content
onto one platform

all your team members -
little to no training results in mega-gains

your all-star team into a
leading collaborative workforce
up to the minute real-time
data and information exchange

your exponentially increasing
monthly and annual SaaS expenses

ownership over your
valuable digital data streams

Our Completed Web Apps

The Configurations are Endless

All Apps are Modular:

  • Work Order Entry & Records Management

    • Real Estate, Medical, Legal, HR, Farming, Small Business ⇒ literally ANY sector!

    • Employees, Clients, Contractors, Freelancers, Vendors, etc.

  • Warehousing and Inventory

  • Work Flow Diagrams
All Apps are Modular:

  • Sales

    • Client Database & Pipeline

    • Pivot Tabes & Volume Reports

  • Marketing

    • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
All Apps are Modular:

  • Financial Reports and Books

  • Expense and Payment Management

  • e-Invoicing

    • Client Access to Account History

    • .pdf Invoices
All Apps are Modular:

  • Time Management

    • for full-time, part-time, freelancers, contractors, etc

  • Team Surveys & Feedback

  • Comprehensive Calendar & Unified Telephone Directory

    • one for your entire ecosystem with permission based access
All Apps are Modular:

  • 'IT Help-Desk'

    • for your clients to submit requests or for your team

    • organize priority of requests

  • Tech Support Wiki

    • reduce repeated questions, add the lastest updates
All Apps are Modular:

  • Legal Matter & Case Management

  • Incident Management

  • Document Version Control and History

  • File Exchange

    • document management & archiving
All Apps are Modular:

  • Posting News and Industry Articles

  • Financial Results Publication

  • Multi-Media Posting

    • YouTube videos, photos, screenshots, instructional screencasts, etc.

    • slideshows & presentations

What We Offer

  • Initial set-up of software at web-host

  • Standard deployment of commonly used features

  • Custom configuration of website for individual needs

  • Training for employees on how to:

    • proficiently use the software (basic, intermediate and advanced levels)

    • effectively work together in the cloud

    • independently develop and grow your databases and digital data flows

    • confidently administer your site

Apps Deployed

'No-Code / Low-Code' Category

  • Unleash your superstar team members!
  • Propel your digital transformation


  • Mind boggling level of configuration possibilities
  • Constrained only by your imagination!

Genuine Open Source

  • Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS)
  • NEVER any License Fees of ANY KIND!

A Powerful One-Stop App

  • Packed with Features big and small
  • It does so much it's the LAST app you'll ever need!

Integration Heavyweight

  • Set up 'Web Services' to harness the power of API's
  • Customize and automate your import / export operations

Private Cloud or On-Premis Installation

  • Cloud for total flexibility and maximum usability
  • On-premis for large enterprises who need total control

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Why We Are Different

Advanced Config.

Since we only do 'advanced configuration', this results in:

  • outstanding stability
  • quick time to production
  • smoother upgrades / updates
  • stronger security
  • tight integration

Genuine Open Source

Unlike most 'No-Code/Low-Code platforms today,
ours is based completely on Open Source, which means:

  • you have access to the source code
    • you can de-bug immediately if needed
  • you own your platform and data
  • easier integration with other systems
  • 100% freedom, no limitations

Our Focus

Three primary areas of focus:

  • Size: small and medium complexity projects
    • a few days to a few weeks
  • Quality: we use stable and proven COTSCommercial off-the-shelf software software
  • Speed: we get you working in the FAST
    • so you can to the Moon Mars!


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